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Food & Beverages

A great event starts with a great meal!

It would be selfish for us to keep the great recipes of Aashirwad chefs to us only; we cater best of our dishes and drinks to our guests. Aashirwad can provide a wide array of services for any size and any type of event.

Our experienced and professional chefs and staff with utmost friendliness will work with you to create an incredible and delicious menu. We know the latest and greatest in food trends and we will make sure that everything is exactly like the way you want it, because we are Aashirwad and we bless people with great food.

Our Key food & beverages highlights:

  • Peetal Ke Kalaiidaar Utensils for cooking food
  • 100% Pure Vegetarian
  • No Onion No Garlic preparations (Optional)
  • 100% Pure Desi Cow's Ghee preparations (Optional)
  • Disposable Plastic-free zone
  • Reverse Osmosis Treated Drinking Water

Enjoy it All!